De La Cruz Saga

De La Cruz Saga Familia Role Play Guidelines


All SLs will be submitted via SL room in the form of a DOC and must have admins approval. All discussions will also be taken place in this room along with the members and admins for creative writing. This is to minimize the flooding of inboxes whenever we have an SL proposal and discussions.  All members are not required to participate in an SL but if you have not participate in an SL 2 months in a row, we will ask you to pick one of the upcoming SL to participate in. Your admins will be sending out notifications in regard to this and all SLs required participation approval between members. Keep in mind, when participating in the Major SL, the chat window is recommended for smooth communication during all active scenes.

Since our group is a closed group, there will not be any crossover SL with different groups. Meaning, we won’t be doing an SL with Dark Hunters, LOTU, BDB, etc. This is to keep things within our group and to save everyone the confusion and drama. Also, you must be respectful of each other so NO snipping, condescending comments, sarcastic remarks, and no telling others how to RP. If you have a problem with someone in a scene then PRIVATELY contact your Admin. DO NOT TRY TO HANDLE THIS ON YOUR OWN!!!

Mini-SL is 2-4 characters format and it runs for no longer than 5 days, unless approved otherwise. Again, must be approved by admins and the participants acceptance.

Major SLs is when more than 4 people participating and the maximum limit this SL format can run is 2 weeks. Your admins are willing work with you in developing ideas and directions the SL is to set up, if you need help. This is to ensure all participants are in agreement. We do this to minimize confusion and any confrontation that may take place.

For any SLs, if it gets to the point where it’s causing problems the Admins can put a hold or cancel it mid stride. The Admins will then work out a compromise with the participants and writer to see if the SL can be continued or not. Same with if you have a problem with how the SL were written. Again, work with your  admins IN PRIVATE for the best solutions.

All SLs are to be along the boundaries of the book series, we can modify the concepts a bit so we get room to RP but basic structures are to remain the same. (i.e: We’re not gonna have a love child from 2 different couples).

All SLs must be somewhat realistic as the stories are taken in the present. You can’t have a time machine to go back in time to mess with Enrique and save him from his hell. Keep in mind, you can’t kill any of the characters except for injuring them.

Fight scenes: You must get approval from Admins for this and plan out how to go about it. We are not going to have random enemies that are not from the books jumping in a scene and start killing people. This is the most difficult scene to act for a lot of RP’ers, so please be patient of each others and don’t hesitate to ask for help. We’re all here to have fun so please BE RESPECTFUL OF EACH OTHER.

**The Admins reserved the rights to delete/remove any threads, posts, comments that  considered inappropriate and offensive to the group. Please see your Admins if you have any questions.**