De La Cruz Saga

De La Cruz Saga Familia Role Play Agreement

De La Cruz Saga Familia Role Play Agreement 

  1. RESPECT – We don’t care which group you’re in but check the drama at the door before stepping into ours. You must respect all admins and members. This is not up for negotiation. Our sole purpose is to RP and to have fun and we can’t have those if we keep inviting drama into our circle. Each member should have a sense of honor to make this group a safe, respectful, and positive haven for each other. NOTE: Abso-freaking-lutely no harassment, backstabbing, outting another member identity, comment about RL, gender, sexual orientation, or any other personal background comments, regardless if it’s OOC or IC within these walls. Any of these violations will result in IMMEDIATE TERMINATION.

  1. MEMBERSHIP – By being in this group, you are only here with the profile chosen when you filled out the application. As a member, you will have to compromise and play nice with everyone so there will be no bashing or back-talking on threads or posts. If witnessed/reported, you will get a warning and place on probation. If there is another occurrence for any misconduct stated on this contract by the same member, he/she will be terminated from the group.

  1. FRIENDS – Feel free to have as many fans/friends as you like but please, do not reveal any RL info about yourself or other members in public. All other book series are fine to add as friends, too. But if there’s drama between any players from non-comment book series, then that group’s admins will be reached to discuss such misconduct.

  1. SAFETY – We ask that you do not share your personal/real life identity and/or information with fellow members unless you truly trust them. RP is a fantasy world and RL doesn’t belong here, because you never know who is behind the characters on the other side of the screen. As for admins, everything is confidential and will not be shared with a third party. If you are being stalked by a group member, fans, or creepers, we ask that you submit a claim to your admins along with the person’s profile. This is to avoid disruption from the group and to keep everyone safe in a private environment.

  1. HARASSMENT – If you are being harassed, stalked, bullied, bashing, etc…from fans or members, please COME TO ADMINS RIGHT AWAY. We will have “Creepy” fan list in which profiles of creepers will be posted there for all to see and to avoid. As for members, please see rule #1 for additional info. Any public outburst on the Fan Page or any other public group pages and walls will automatically result on probation and if continues will result in termination. Same goes for any PM between members and fans with offensive outbursts. 

  1. CHARACTER RELATIONSHIPS -   As our group is strictly adhere to author Patricia Macias, all pre-existing relationships are to remains as is. We WILL NOT allow any and/or additional relationships AT ALL. Exceptions will only apply during an SL. Please see SL guidelines for further details. NOTE: Only 2 characters will be allowed per member if you want to dual RP for OUR group. This is to maintain the time you’re active within the group.  

7.  CHARACTER EMBELISHMENT -   While not everyone can be a good actor and actress but as long as you are staying in character, then that’s all that we required of you. NO ONE have the right to tell someone else how to RP. Each person creativity is their own and we want you to be comfortable with the role you’ve chosen. If not, you may switch characters with admins approval. However, there will be some restrictions so please direct as follows:
A: Personalities will not be switch. (i.e.: good/evil   exchanges)
B: Marital status must remain as is. (You can’t go from single to married and vice versa)
C. Character traits will not be changed (can’t go from a hard ass to a mushy love puppy)

  1. MISC CONTENTS – A) There will be a group meeting once a month and this is also your role call. If you miss more than 2 role calls in a row, you will be terminated and replaced. B) Although there are multiple admins in this group, all issues, complaints, requests, must be sent to all the admins in 1 message. That means, you’ll need to tag all the admins and Jenni. However, all decisions will be made unanimously among all the admins, Jenni, and Patricia. C) We all know how the author writes the books, however FB is rated PG 13 as a social network and we do not want to take risk with being flagged, targeting, reported, and deleted so all context will be Rated Mildly Mature. That means, keep your 4 letter words to a sensible medium, no offensive usage of language, no full explicit sexual context of posts and threads, no offensive pictures, etc (use common sense).

  1. INTERACTION: Due to an overload of group pages/rooms out on FB, we will restrain ours to a limited number of group pages. All pages/rooms will be determined and made by admins, if you made a page/room on your own then those will be considered non-group related. Any group rp or character rp will not be accepted from those pages/room. All posts, threads, and status must be RP related unless it’s personal interests. NO BASHING OR HARRASSING POSTS ON MEMBER’S WALLS. If you’re doing an RP scene on someone else’s wall, be sure to post the link to that thread on the fan page so everyone (fans included) can follow. Try to keep your wall clean so that we can RP, that means keeps those lollipops, hugs, licks, games, down to a minimum. No one wants to RP on a wall that full of apps and not much going on.

  1. MEMBER PRIVATE GROUP – This is our private room for members OOC interaction. If you want to post anything OOC OR CONCERNS do it on here.  However, admins reserved the rights to remove/delete any posts that result in manners of disrespect, personal attacks, bullied, etc…again, use common sense. If you have a problem with another member for any reasons, BRING IT TO ADMIN ATTENTION IN PRIVATE and tag that person on it. If you try to do this alone and things got out of hands, all parties involved will be on probation and consequently may result in termination. Keep in mind, every claim will required proof so keep all your messages, conversations, posts, threads, etc..**All disputes will require a 48 hours investigation so we will get back you at that time if not sooner**

  1. PROFILE SECURITY – Please take all the necessary steps to prevent hacking and infiltration of viruses. Lock up you profile as tight as you want however, your friend list must be made available to admin and your wall available for group members to post and comment. Lastly, if you are going to be gone an extended amount of them, alert your admins. If you do not notify us of your absent, your role will be replaced and terminated from the group after 2 weeks of MIA. No exception or excuses.

  1. JENNI’S ROLE: Jenni is the author’s (Patricia Macias) assistant. She is here as the mediator between the players and the admins. Her role is to help alleviate the author of responsibilities and to maintain group orders. She will help the admins enforcing the group rules and make sure everyone stay true to the book series boundaries. Basically, she is the author’s shadow. Any RP related concerns please see the group admins, Jenni is serves as the last resort if players and admins can’t come to an agreement. Jenni is the enforcer and bouncer, she is here to make sure the author’s reputation and image remains as is. If there are any questions or concerns, please direct them to Jenni.

**This is a LEGAL binding agreement between you and the RP group that’s been copyrighted.  If there is a breach, you will be placed on probation and consequently termination from the group. This is a DRAMA FREE ZONE, so check it at the door as we do not tolerate childish behavior within these walls. REMINDER: There is only 1 warning for any misconducts, if your behavior doesn’t improve then you will be asked to leave the group**